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View Request List

From this page, you can view the request list (for today or for the next Sunday), view a printable version of the list, and e-mail the list to the members of your group. (NOTE: If you are logged in as a group member, the only option you will see is to view a printable list.)

List for Next Sunday

This will modify the date for the list, so it will look like it is currently next Sunday. This can be used, for example, to see what requests will expire, or allow you to print a list with Sunday’s date on Saturday evening. Note that this link does not appear if it is Sunday.

View Printable

Clicking this link will display the list in a format that is suitable for printing; it does not have the normal PrayerTracker header across the top. Once you have clicked the link, you can print it using your browser’s standard “Print” functionality.

Send Via E-mail

Clicking this link will send the list you are currently viewing to your group members. The page will remind you that you are about to do that, and ask for your confirmation. If you proceed, you will see a page that shows to whom the list was sent, and what the list looked like. You may safely use your browser’s “Back” button to navigate away from the page.